Post Quantum Cryptography

What is Post Quantum Cryptography?

Post Quantum cryptography is a new and up-to-date way of securing your communications, and ensuring they remain secret into the quantum age. Post Quantum algorithms are secure against an attack by a quantum computer, making them suitable for use now and far into the future.

Why do we need Post Quantum Cryptography?

When you browse to a website or connect to a VPN, you use a public key algorithm to agree on a secret. Common public key algorithms are RSA, Diffie Hellman and Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman. These algorithms rely on hard maths problems to ensure that an eavesdropper can't work out your secret. The problem is that all of these problems can be broken easily by a quantum computer, which fundamentally undermines the security of the internet and other communications systems.

Should I panic?

Research is ongoing, but it is believed that a cryptography breaking quantum computer will be built. If you want your data to remain secure in the long term, you need to start preparing now. Remember, encrypted messages you send today might still be interesting in the future.

How does QSTVPN fit in?

QSTVPN uses post-quantum algorithms to secure your VPN connection between a client and server. It's fast, secure and modern - just what you want for your secure communications! It's easy to use and you won't even notice it running when you connect to your VPN. You can rest assured that your communications are secure now and far into the future!


The easiest way to try out QST-VPN is to use a preconfigured cloud instance.